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Many initiatives have been put into place around the world to encourage investments as a successful way to drive socioeconomic development in different territories. These initiatives have been promoted by the public sector: governments and political decision-making bodies. However, their development and operation have required the direct involvement and participation of private organisations.

Along these lines, the Confederation of Malaga Businesses (Confederación de Empresarios de Málaga) has collaborated with the Malaga Local Authority in the setting up of an instrument placed at the service of investors called the Malaga Investment Attraction Centre (Centro de Atracción de Inversiones de Málaga – CAI). This instrument aims to foster the creation of creative spaces which favour business activities and facilitate coordination of the processes resulting from the establishment of new productive activities and the sustainable investments needed to create jobs in the territory of Malaga. The ultimate aim of all this is to strengthen Malaga’s leadership as the economic capital of Andalusia.

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Ayuntamiento de Málaga


The Productive Economy Agency is comprised of the Business Office and the Investment Office and the Investor’s Office. It is the Malaga Local Authority’s new instrument which aims to encourage the creation of new companies, their growth and to attract investment.

This agency forms part of the Economic Reactivation, Business Promotion and Job Creation Area.Our mission consists of attracting Spanish and foreign companies and investors to Malaga, helping them to start up their business and supporting economic development abroad and in the city. We likewise support the development and growth of Malaga’s productive fabric, as well as public-private partnerships in it.

The Confederation of Malaga Businesses (Confederación de Empresarios de Málaga) is a business organisation at the service of Malaga’s productive fabric and economic activity.

Its defence of business interests and the implementation of its measures aimed at economic and business revitalisation make it a key player in any process geared at attracting and supporting investors. It also stands out for its portfolio of services aimed at creating companies, improving consolidated companies’ competitiveness and supporting adaptation to new challenges, such as digitalisation, internationalisation, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)…


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