The Chamber of Commerce of Malaga has presented the European GREENinMED program, The Chamber of Spain is leader of the program, which will help to Mediterranean arch hotel industry to be more efficient in water and energy.

During the presentation, several malaguenian companies success cases were showed, for example, Metrica6 has developed a system called Ness, through this method save water in domestic use and tourist accommodation is a reality. For its part, Bioazul explained how they are working in agricultural management water and also in tourist companies.  Also, the project ALOSIO was shared with all attendees, it is a spinoff of Malaga University that try to remove all kind of creams created during summer on malaguenian beaches. 

The project GREENinMED is aimed to innovative EMEs ideas. It has a budget of 1,58 euro million and aid of 90%. In addition to Spanish Chamber, a French partner and 3 Israelis participate, both internationally recognized in innovative advances saving water and energy. Apart from financial support, EMEs will have available consulting services in order to be more efficient and competitive.

In Spain, will have access to GREENinMED program those EMEs located among Andalusia, Murcia, Catalonia and Balearic Island. The Andalusia Technology Park, the City Council of Malaga and the University of Malaga are participating as partners.

Malaga is involved in this program strengthening its commitment with sustainable development. Since many years ago the city is working to build the city of the future, to achieve this goal many initiatives have been adopted in areas such as mobility, environment or welcoming smart events as Greencities or S-Moving. That is why during 2019 Malaga was nominated as one of the most sustainable cities in the world and this year the city is the European Capital of Smart Tourism.

This sustainable character of the city is an additional reason to explain why foreign companies, investors and entrepreneurs believe in Malaga as a city to invest and develop their business.