The Malaga City Council and the Ciedes Foundation recently published the local edition of the Barometer of International Business Climate in order to evaluate the presence of foreign capital companies in the city. Malaga is the first Spanish city to carry out this survey, since it is usually carried out at a regional or national level. The barometer will have an annual periodicity.

The data published in the report shows that approximately nine out of ten foreign companies located in Malaga are satisfied with the evolution of their business and plan to maintain or increase their turnover, as well as their investment and/or staff in the city.

Likewise, 85.2% of them think that their investment will be either maintained or increased in the current period, and as regards to employment in 2018, 85.1% consider that they will keep their staff while 40.7% hope to increase their number of employees.

Malaga concentrates 31% of foreign investment at the regional level

Regarding foreign investment, according to the report, in 2016 Malaga concentrated 31% of the capital in Andalusia and 29% of the accumulated investment. Between 2013 and 2015, foreign investment grew more in Malaga than in Andalusia, with a rate of 43% compared to the regional 20%.

The areas that companies established in Malaga value most in the city are: its quality of life (3.65 out of 5), its infrastructure (3.54 out of 5) and the human capital (3.27 out of 5).

Why Malaga?

Foreign companies consider the geographical situation of Malaga as the main reason for moving here in the 89% of cases, while 44.4% highlight its good infrastructure and the fact that the territory is attractive in general (40.7%).

On the other hand, almost one out of four companies select Malaga for values such as access to the market, the qualification of the workforce, good communications and the easy adaptation of foreigners to the Spanish way of life.

Almost 19% of the companies chose Malaga for the Spanish culture and language, while around 7.4% did so due to the fiscal framework, incentives and subsidies. Respondents who are not companies consider that the attractiveness of the territory and communications in over 50% cases are reasons to settle in the city.

Click here to download the Barometer of Foreign Investment in Malaga.