The second Barometer of International Business Climate, made by the Investor Office and the Ciedes Foundation, has been published and shows how Malaga has increase during last year a 5% of the total foreign investment in Andalusia.

From the point of view of Francisco de la Torre, city Mayor, this increasement is due several reasons: “We are a warm and welcoming city, with friendly people and an incredible cultural offer, an increasingly attractive city for citizens and inevitably striking for entrepreneurs”, he explained.

María del Carmen García Peña, Ciedes Foundation Manager, explained: “When some foreign company decides where it will invest, Malaga begins to have a “very remarkable” role. The main reasons are the geographical location, the attractiveness of the territory and the infrastructure”.

The survey, conducted among 150 foreign companies, shows the key factors to choose Malaga:

The survey also collects some items about which areas Malaga need to improve. In this way, companies would like to reduce costs of energy, to have more international and business schools and to upgrade the knowledge of international languages of workers. 

Regarding the investment in a shortly future, a 57% of companies are sure that their investment in Malaga will grow up 5,5 points during 2019. This increase means that also will augment the creation of new employments and they will expand exports.