It was in 2015 when Malaga decide to create new projects to attract investors to the city. It was developed the investor office, focus on attracting new international investors; and the businessmen office, who facilitate the prosperity work and create new employments.

These offices offer support for establish new companies and their employees (soft-landing club). From other hand, in order to promote the employee’s integration and their families in the culture of the city, also they do activities with companies associated with the malaguenian business community (aftercare program).  

At the same time, the Businessmen Confederation of Malaga with the City Council of Malaga, had developed a new project designed exclusively for investors, it was called Malaga Investment Attraction Centre (CAI). Through this center we are working in business activities to strengthen the international visibility of the city of Malaga, showing to interested investors the privileged and consolidated position of Malaga, as well as advising all concerned economics and business terms. For example, CAI supports the city participation in the MIPIM congress that took place a few weeks ago in Cannes.

As a result of all this work, since 2015, Malaga is an international business city with 60 foreign companies installed here. More than 900 employees are working for international brands as EPAM, Oracle, BestSeller, ITRS, Ciklum, Neueda, PointClick Technologies, Rindus, Grant Thorton or the chinese Micro Dragon co. Around 1.000 more new employments are expected shortly.

Regarding the economic activity of those enterprises, we find a 30% of them are dedicated to software development, a 10% works in customer service, also a 10% is dedicate to consulting enterprises, between others.  Malaga is a great place for technology development companies as we have very qualified talent from Malaga University. Malaga University has created a net with the new companies located in Malaga to promote innovation and shared programmes between university researchers and companies to exchange knowledge and advance in new areas like blockchain or cyber security. An example of this exchange is the work that VirusTotal, a Google security company is doing in the Ada Byron Research Centre.

In terms of origin, we have a variety of provenances: Almost a 20% of the investment are from the United States, 17% from United Kingdom, 13% are Danish, also 13% comes from Germany.

Next actions in the short future

From the City Council assure that they are focus on working new markets, on promoting new economic areas and attracting local and international investors. The objectives are clear: to improve the visibility of Malaga, to raise the productive places along the city and increase the number of companies installed in Malaga.