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Industrial Estates, Business Parks and the Andalusia Technology Park (Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía – PTA)

Industrial estates and business parks are essential elements for the economic development of a territory, and a successful formula for generating a competitive industry, formed by various complementary activity sectors.

In total, they occupy 8,035,185 square meters, which are divided between 13 large business areas, where 17 industrial estates are grouped. In total, there are more than 4,000 companies, which employ more than 42,000 workers.

With respect to the capital, the largest industrial states are Guadalhorce (more than 2.5 million square meters) and El Viso, with more than one million square meters. In particular, the first of them is recognized as the largest in Andalusia, with approximately 20 kilometers of streets. In addition, it brings together more than 1,200 owners, and houses more than 800 active companies, employing more than 5,000 people, reaching a turnover close to 1,000 million euros annually.

The majority of business sectors that can be found in these industrial states are industrial and commercial, although the number of companies dedicated to distribution is not negligible, and those with a marked technological potential.

In addition to those mentioned, the Center for Freight Transport, and other emblematic spaces of the periphery such as the Santa Bárbara Business Park and the Polígono de la Azucarera stand out.
On the other hand, in the province there are other industrial states and business parks, among which Antequera, a logistics base, stands out due to its strategic location in Andalusia and the location of important national and international distribution and food companies. It has a total area of 900,000 square meters, more than 250 companies and an approximate number of 2,400 workers.

The application of new technologies allows better communication within the commercial or industrial field. However, being aware of technological developments is, also for companies located in industrial parks and business parks, an element of competitiveness, and as a result, it is estimated that over one third of companies with high technological potential of the capital are located in the business parks, configuring these spaces as an important axis for innovation, together with the University of Malaga and the Technology Park of Andalusia.

Finally, the development of business parks and industrial parks in Malaga that houses mainly SMEs and not large companies, poses new and continuous challenges for the exploitation and economic profitability of their activity. Some of the proposals involve turning the industrial states into attractive spaces for the transit of customers, final consumers and citizens in general, imitating the model of open shopping centers.

Andalusia Technology Park (Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía – PTA)

The relationship between information and communications technologies and Malaga resides without any doubt in the Andalusia Technology Park (PTA), highlighting the engine of technological innovation for the entire Andalusian autonomous community.  Although there are other hubs of ICT  and technology companies based outside this environment, it is undoubtedly a privileged place of reference both in Spain and internationally.

The presence of the PTA in the Andalusian Science and Technology System is very strong, demonstrating that it is one of the greatest assets of Andalusia in the generation and transfer of technology to the territory, working  as a  lever for the generation of value in the environment and community.

In the last year, Malaga’s technopolis has increased the number of companies and institutions installed by 1.85% compared to the previous year, registering 646 companies.

Likewise, the turnover of the PTA companies has registered a notable increase in turnover, of 7% with respect to the previous year, exceeding 2,000 million euros. Attending to the historical turnover, it should be noted that the total turnover since the beginning of its activity has been more than 25,000 million euros.

According to 2017 data, the contribution of the PTA to the generation of GDP in the province of Malaga reached 7.95%, and at a regional level of Andalusia it would be 1.56% in 2018.

Also in relation to employment, the Park has closed 2018 with an increase of 6% compared to the previous year in number of employees, which translates into a total of 19,873 workers, with a net increase over the previous year of 1,139 people .

34% of PTA employment corresponds to foreign companies located there, representing 6,700 professionals, which highlights the park’s ability to get foreign companies installed, attracting investments and international positioning.


By activity, the Information Technology sector (Electronics, Information, Information Technology and Telecommunications) continues to be the one with the greatest presence, since: it represents 34% of the total number of companies, it generates employment in that sector of 55% and a turnover 57% of last year’s total.
On the other hand, the investment in R&D of the companies and institutions installed in the PTA during 2018 was more than 86.2 million euros, with an increase from the 78.6 the previous year investment.

During the last year, the PTA has laid the foundations to develop a great expansion of its spaces, to guarantee the development in the next 20 years that must also be linked to the design and creation of new accesses.

A new strategy has been created to define how the future of new PTA will be. Futuro of the park which will be closely linked to disruptive technologies. Developing new clusters for each one of these technologies, as is the case of the aeronautical systems cluster, Big Data, Blockchain, AI and Cybersecurity.

Featured actions in 2018

During 2018, we can highlight  actions carried out in the international arena, such as those of the Peninsular Open Innovation Network, formed by technology parks and universities in Portugal, the creation of the circular economy work group, the organization of a business mission to Silicon Valley, as well as the collaboration in the organization of Transfiere.

The Green Ray by PTA-UMA has carried out more than 300 activities during the last year around the promotion of entrepreneurship. Special highlight deserves the realization of hackáthones led by PTA companies, specialized courses around the new digital economy or training programs such as Explorer or Digital Border.

In the area of vocational training,  12 new companies has adhered to the Berlsterman Foundation of FP Dual, with the incorporation of 33 new students of that training program in 13 PTA based companies. At the same time, two programs aimed at promoting scientific vocations and STEM technologies have been initiated: Andalucia Stem Girls in collaboration with ANDASTEM and Science and Technology in Women in collaboration with APTE.

The PTA has also been visited by more than 60 international delegations, interested in knowing its development model.