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Industrial Estates, Business Parks and the Andalusia Technology Park (Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía – PTA)

Industrial estates and business parks are essential elements for local economic development, as well as a successful formula to generate a competitive industry, formed by various supplementary business sectors.

They occupy an area of 8,035,185 square meters, distributed among 13 large parts where 17 industrial estates are grouped, with the latest incorporation of the Malaga Nostrum Business Park. In total, there are more than 4,000 companies accounted for, which employ about over 45,000 workers.

The largest industrial estates in the city of Malaga are El Viso (over 1 million square meters) and Guadalhorce (over 2.5 million square meters). The latter is, with streets that cover an area of 20 kilometers, recognised as the largest in Andalusia. In addition, it brings together more than 1,200 owners and houses over 800 active companies which provide work to more than 5,000 people with a turnover of around a billion euros a year.

Most of the companies that can be found in these industrial estates are in the industrial and retail sectors, though the number of companies dedicated to distribution is not inconsiderable. Also, an increasing number of markedly technological companies are moving in each year.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, one of the most important industrial estates in the province, the Centre for Freight Transport (CTM), and several other emblematic spaces in the surroundings, like the Santa Bárbara Business Park and the Azucarera Industrial Estate, should be mentioned.

At the end of the year, the Municipal Conservation Plan 2017 of the Malaga City Council was presented. Through the plan, 400,000 euros will be allocated in 14 business parks. Fortunately, investments have been made in these productive spaces: such is the case of the installation of both ADSL technology and optical fiber, which has now reached a coverage rate of 80%.

The use of new technologies allows for better communications within the commercial or industrial areas. Being up-to-date with technological developments is also an element of competitiveness for companies located in industrial estates and business parks. As a result, it is estimated that over a third of the Malaguenian companies with high technological potential are located in business parks. Such spaces have become a central axis for innovation, along with the University of Malaga and the Andalusia Technology Park.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning the mobile app ‘Parques Empresariales Málaga’, compatible with Iphone and Android devices. The app was financed by the local government, and its contents are managed by APOMA (an association that manages all the business parks and industrial estates located in Malaga and its province). Malaga is the first Spanish city to have an application of such characteristics.

The development of Malaga’s business parks and industrial estates – which house SMEs and not large companies – sets out new continuous challenges on how to run their activity and generate profits from it. Some of the proposals include converting the estates into attractive spaces for customers, end consumers and citizens in general by imitating the model set by open shopping centres.

Andalusia Technology Park (Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía – PTA)

The relationship between information and communications technologies and Malaga resides in the Andalusia Technology Park (PTA), -representing a 32% of the companies- although there are other activity, ICT and technology hubs outside this space, but there is no question that the PTA is a privileged space and a benchmark in Spain and abroad.

At the end of 2017, the PTA had over 18,750 people working there, which amounted to a 5% when compared to 2016.

As for the park’s companies total turnover, during 2017 it increased a 8 % compared to 2016, reaching almost 1,900 million euros.

The technology park, which, in 2017, turned 25 years old, houses 635 companies.

These data highlight the PTA’s consolidation as an ecosystem of innovation in continuous growth. It is, undoubtedly, an attractive place to invest in, and it is committed to attracting foreign companies, which contributes significantly to the development of Malaga’s economy. It has, thus, become one of the main economic reference poles for the province and for Andalusia.

The relationship of the PTA with the University of Malaga is particularly good, and it continues to strengthen through different initiatives and mainly through the Green Ray, building located in the Teatinos’ expansion which acts as a link between the talent of the young people of the university and the company through the development of common activities, with the support of multinational companies. Its objective is to promote the development of entrepreneurship projects and common strategies among the companies of the Park and the University.

The park has become an international benchmark and a place which attracts visitors and delegations from other territories.