Nowadays Malaga is an attractive city from the point of view of investors. Apart from the typical good weather that we enjoy during the full year, there are many reasons to see our city as an excellent place to invest in business offices. One of them are the facilities that the city offers for all investors and entrepreneurs, as well as for the employees through several tools and services. For example, the investor office, the Malaga Investment Attraction Center (CAI) etc.

Another factor to consider is the profitability, invest in Malaga has a bigger margin of cost effectiveness than other cities as Madrid or Barcelona.  From other hand, investors have as reference the successful experience from other enterprises already installed along to the city

Due to all these reasons, little by little investors are more interested to invest in this sector of business offices. A clear example is all working meetings that we had during MIPIM 2019 fair, link  celebrated in Cannes last March, they expressed their intention to come shortly to the city to see more details and finalize business agreements.

Specialists opinions

José Félix Pérez-Peña, from Savills Aguirre Newman Consultant, assure that they are in contact with investors interested in developing a full building of business office in Malaga. “We are trying to convince them that exists a latent demand in the city of 20.000 or 30.000 square meters of offices from companies who want to install in Malaga” José said. He also assures that during last months, in more than one investment fund, he had perceived a real interest for the business offices market in the city. “In a year, a building of 10.000 square meters would be sold. The only thing that we need is that one first investor dares to do it” he explained.

A very similar opinion has Pelayo Fernández, offices responsible from CBRE Malaga. “It is time to developing a full building business office in Malaga. In a middle term we expect to confirm some project due to high interest from investors” he assured.

Regarding the location of these business building offices, the General Plan of Town Planning, have different places for tertiary activities. According to the experts, the more attractive areas for investors are “Muelle 4”, located in the port area; and “Torre Río”, in the west coast zone of Malaga.