A few weeks ago, Helsinki celebrated the European Smart Tourism Forum organized by the European Commission. Malaga, 2019 winner in accessibility category, was the only one city in Spain nominated to get this award. Between the last 10 finalist there were cities as Bratislava, Nice or Turin. Finally, the winners were Malaga and Goteborg (Sweden).

The award recognizes the success actions taken by the cities in smart tourism such as: accessibility, sustainability, digitization, cultural heritage and creativity. From the point of view of the European Commission Malaga, and Goteborg have a great activities programs as well as the cities would be leaders to follow by other cities during 2020. They will promote an innovative, sustainable and inclusive tourism, responding to new challenges of the tourism sector. Both capitals will benefit from support for communication and brands during 2020, including a promotional video, a sculpture specially designed for their city centers and specific promotional actions.

Rosa Sanchez, Tourism Councilor of Malaga, picked up the award and declared: “The judges have highlighted the evolution of the city in infrastructure and in the concept of smart city that we have developed in recent years”.

Also, Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of Malaga show his opinion: “This designation besides a being a source of immense joy, can be a powerful stimulus for us to continue working to always be a technologically avant-garde city”.

Malaga has closed this summer with a new record: 7,3 million tourist and a 7,5-euro millions of incomes. This new award will help to increase this data for summer 2020.

Malaga Smart City

Malaga works since many years ago to be consolidated as a smart city, that is why  has adopted several initiatives:

  • Since last February, Malaga is member of the General Protocol of Action for the participation, promotion and support of the Network of Intelligent Tourism Destinations.
  • Mobility: in 2017 Malaga was the first city in Spain using electrical public buses.
  • International smart cities events: Malaga is used to held international events related with many smart areas: Greencities, S-MovingBlockchain Conference are only some examples. 
  • Smart living lab: It is a real experiments laboratory that helps to build the city of the future. Big Data, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies are applied to medium and low voltage networks in order to convert them in smart girds.