Just a few years ago, words like fintech or blockchain went from being used by only a few experts in the field. Nowadays are very popular words in technological business, many people are working in these areas and, also, studying in.

Regarding the blockchain technology, Malaga has as objective to become a blockchain hub in Europe, several companies are developing their business and investments in blockchain and the estimations calculate than more than 100 blockchain employee’s specialist are needed along the city.

As part of this hub purpose, the city has celebrated, and will continue doing, important events about blockchain, on last 16th May was held the APTE International Conference focused on blockchain. Next November, the FYCMA will celebrate the world biggest event about blockchain technology.

The fact that the city celebrates important events, the University are offering specialist courses, and the infrastructure in a technological park as the PTA make the city the perfect place to develop blockchain business.

Concerning Fintech, the financial technology and innovation that competes with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services, has the potential to improve the reach of financial services to the broader public and facilitate the creation of a credit record.

Ebury, based in Malaga, is a fintech company specialist in international payments and exchange, is the only one Spanish enterprise between the 17 with more growth perspective around the world.

The leaders of the company explain that “The city has good communications, as the airport  for example, an enviable quality of life and a University that generates many professionals. The companies that come to Malaga are happy and when we talk about Malaga to someone from outside, we perceive that they find it attractive”. They also said that “Malaga has a good technological environment and a lot of people from many countries, which mean an international culture that our clients really appreciate”.