Malaga Town Hall, trough the investor office and in cooperation with Ciedes Foundation and consular corps, has celebrated the first international networking meeting “Ciudad de Málaga”. The main goal of the event was to promote the malaguenian economy as well as to let know to foreign companies how attractive Malaga is to invest.

Among the attendees were international companies based in Malaga, many economic agents involved to attract investors, representatives of public administration and consuls, who are configured as suitable agents to promote the international business and networking.

But not only Malaga is working to increase international investors, Juan Manuel Moreno, Regional Government Andalusia President, has announced, a few weeks ago, that they are creating a package of stimulating incentives for foreign investors: “We are lowering taxes to be one of the lowest fiscal pressure regions in Spain, we are going to eliminate bureaucratic obstacles” he explained. Also, he remembered that foreign investments in Andalusia increased a 9,8% during 2019 second quarter, being Malaga the first option chosen by international companies to be installed during last year.

Some advantages to invest in Malaga

  • Location: We are in the south of Europe, which mean an easy sea connection and, also, by land and air, to make it possible the city has a developed infrastructure.  Apart from that, our location enjoys the good weather during the full year, we have more than 300 sunny days per year with soft temperatures.
  • Smart city: in an age where the development must follow sustainable procedures in order to protect the earth, Malaga is one of the most sustainable cities around world, that is why companies working in this are choosing us their investments. 2020 Malaga is the European Capital of Smart tourism.
  • Malaguenian talent: The University of Malaga train competent professionals able to work in an international environment. In this way many foreign companies are working close to students and a consolidate synergy has been created between University and companies.
  • Trough different initiatives such as incubators, acceleration programs, the investor office or the businessmen office companies receive all support needed to start their projects in the city.