The New Tech Observatory meeting consolidated as the main multidisciplinary meeting dedicated to new technologies in Spain, was celebrated on last 17th and 18th July. The place was, for a third consecutive year, the Digital Content Hub in Malaga. For two days, Malaga became, once again, the hub of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and all this kind of new technologies. Companies as Nokia, Singular, Huawei, Movistar, Railway Innovation Hub, were present. Also, mass media as the national Spanish television (TVE), Brainstorm or AtresMedia, attended the date.

Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of the city of Malaga, was there to inaugurate the meet. From his point of view, these new technologies are the future of Malaga.  Also pointed: “this initiative offers the best opportunity for the new generations to be able to collaborate with the development of the planet and the development of Malaga”.

Malaga was a showcase of the new technology applications in marketing. Trough TrendLabs Global, attendees were able to see the University of Malaga’s GreenRay building in 3D. Alongside being able to walk its halls, go up and down floors, and interact with hand movements.

During the second day, Fernando García Calvo, from Huawei, explained how mobile are in permanent (re)evolution of the audiovisual sector: “The way in which video is seen on mobile is changing formats. A new narrative for vertical videos is being created. In China, films and videos are already being produced for this kind of format”. In this sense, probably, shortly these productions will be made in Spain, The Digital Content Hub in Malaga could be the perfect place thank to their 12.000 square meters dedicated to development of new technologies.

In figures, the meeting has represented more than 20 countries and 250 attendees were present. More than 50 companies have been there to share experiences and projects trough more than 25 speakers. In this sense, during breaks we could see different moments of networking between the leaders of New Technologies.