On 9th of March, year 1919, at 10.30 in the morning, was the very first time an aircraft landed in Malaga. It was the aircraft Salmson 2A model, making tests of the flight line project Toulouse-Barcelona-Alicante-Malaga-Casablanca.

The route, which finally started on the 2nd September of that same year, made the connection between Europe and Africa a possibility.

The location where they landed (El Rompedizo field) turned out to be an ideal place to land. That was the reason enough to build the airport in the same exactly location where the flight was performed, making the airport the oldest in the country.  As the other airports in Spain do not keep their original location.

A century later, on this same date, the first test flight was recreated again. This time, it was a Piper Warrior III model from the Real Aeroclub of Malaga, landing exactly at 10:30 in the morning. Upon arrival the firefighter’s team were waiting to do their traditional water salute. But also, they performed this special welcome on a commercial flight landed a few minutes later. It was an Easyjet flight from Liverpool with 151 passengers on board.


Salvador Merino, the airport Director, was present welcoming both crews claiming that the celebration of the century will take place on September 2nd. “This year in Malaga, we are living a celebration. It is a century of one of the most important public infrastructures in the province and the region, the engine of economic development and guarantor of social and territorial cohesion.” Mr. Merino said.

100 years later, over 50 airlines operate here, connecting Malaga with more than a hundred destinations around the world.  In the coming months new routes will be open, for example a new direct flight to  Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, a 85% increase of the available seats to Glasgow in UK and 26% of new available seats to Sweden.

During this century, approximately 400 million passengers have passed through one of the Malaga Costa del Sol airport terminals. Malaga Airport has become one key factor for foreign investors to decide to invest in our city. They can connect easily their offices abroad with their offices located in Malaga.

Last year Malaga Airport had more than 19M of passengers. These data confirm our airport as the most important airport infrastructure in Andalusia and third in Spain. Assuming an important employment center, which facilitates the tourist development and, additionally, also gained the attraction of foreign investors encouraged by good national and international flight connections.