Last Christmas Malaga was the number one on the ranking “Best sunny Christmas Markets” made by European Best Destination. This award was due to our several Christmas markets, the famous good weather, as well as for the popular Christmas lights (one of the most beautiful Christmas lights in Europe), Malaga also occupied a place on the top ten on this category.

Malaga continues getting awards, this time the city get the sixth position on “European Best Destination 2019”. The winner was Budapest, follow by Braga, Portugal; Monte Isola, Italy; Metz, France; Poznan, Poland.

European Best Destination is an organization based in Brussels, in charge of promoting culture and tourism in Europe.  They work in collaboration with hundreds Tourism Offices and the EDEN Network created by the European Commission.

The competition started ten years ago, putting in common the ten cities most visited last year and the ten more popular places and follows on Social Media. After two weeks of votes, the results are published.  Nowadays, this ranking is considered the most important tourist competition in Europe; that’s why tourist investors, businessmen and startups pay close attention to the final votes.

The organization describes Malaga: “Malaga is a unique destination in Europe and a mix of modern, traditional, culture, beach, gastronomy and shopping. The city is a destination that combines leisure tourism, business with and incredibly extensive cultural offering of worldwide recognition as well as amazing events”.

How could affect this reward? According with last editions the cities recognizes an augmentation of tourist between a 15 and 25%. Why this impact?

  • The fifteenth most voted cities will be promoted throughout the year to millions of travelers as the best destination to visit in 2019.
  • The destination in the top 15 are authorized to use the title and affix the “European Best Destination” logo on all its communications, adverts, website and photos; it will also have the right to authorize its own public and private partners to use the logo.
  • The election receives a substantial coverage right across all the various media in Europe. The main national newspapers, specialist press, blogs, specialized sites, television and social networks etc.

This election generates a great deal of interest for all whose business depends on tourism. Hotels, museums, airlines, investors etc. have assured a media coverage as well as a free publicity.

Tourism sector is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to create new business and be able to get advantage of the above award.  Tourism sector had a growth of a 4.4% (2017) and expect to receive 1.36 millions pax in 2019 (read more detail tourism sector data).