A joint organizing team composed by the European Commission, INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications), the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum and Alastria (association who promotes digital economy) will make possible the first edition of “Convergence, the Global Blockchain Congress”. The event will be held in Malaga next November 11th-13th at Malaga Trade Fair and Conference Centre (FYCMA).

The first day will be dedicated to the Global Blockchain Challenge, an innovation initiative for startups where companies must show their solutions within the framework of each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by United Nations. The winners will obtain a European acceleration ticket that will allow to participate in the community legal framework, as well as in the networking agenda of European investors.

The official opening ceremony will take place on November 12th, for two days all attendees will have the great opportunity to learn about blockchain priorities and enjoy a program with many activities, panes, workshops and culture events. The main topics will be the blockchain priorities in a short future, how apply blockchain in emerging technologies or stable coins and cryptocurrencies of Banks.

The organization expects to receive more than 1.500 attendees between blockchain experts, regulators, policy makers, researches and companies from different industries around world. Some confirmed participants are the World Trade Organization, Bank of Japan, the World Economic Forum or the Inter-American Development Bank. Also, companies as Telefonica or Repsol, between others.

During the event attendees will have many exclusive opportunities to make contacts and business not available at any other blockchain meeting.

Malaga and blockchain

Even if this event will be the first global conference, Malaga has celebrated other meetings focused on blockchain. Last May there were a conference where more than 250 experts from 13 different countries discussed about blockchain technology.

Trough the European program “Peers to Blockchain (P2B)” malaguenian companies are creating a blockchain ecosystem, in this way all participants develop solutions based in this technology, as well as methodologies and manuals.

With this consolidated position, many companies from world are coming to base their business in Malaga. Experts calculate than about 100 news professionals in this technology are needed. In this way, the University of Malaga offers specialized courses with great professional opportunities.