Located in Teatinos, the campus of the University of Malaga, is a hybrid building of knowledge and experiences. The Green Ray is the meeting point where students and companies can share projects and develop their innovative ideas. Once again, we are in front of an example of the successful alliance made between the University of Malaga and companies installed in the Andalusia Technology Park (PTA).

6000 square meters to host companies from many activity sectors and students. The purpose was born with a clear goal: to support all entrepreneurs and create a network in which everyone has a place, to develop this network there is a coworking space called “Link by UMA-ATech”, the biggest Andalusian area of business, university and innovative coexistence. Thank to this space in The Green Ray, professionals, students, companies, entrepreneurs and experts have the opportunity to share knowledge and real cases in order to learn and to be more competitive in the global business market. 

Apart from Link, the are several areas: a training space, not only for companies installed there, also external enterprises have the opportunity to prepare courses in The Green Ray. The University also prepare different courses. Also exists a big space with the capacity to house big conferences and events.

Multinational companies love The Green Ray

Several multinational companies help entrepreneurs to develop their projects in the Green Ray. Building university knowledge, global entrepreneurial projects are promoted. Some examples are IBM with its program “IBM Global Entrepreneur”; Repsol, trough its foundation is offering support to accelerate startups or Santander Bank with its International Entrepreneurship Center. Also Oracle use the facilities in the Green Ray to celebrate meetings and trainings.

In short, The Green Ray promote our international business fabric and it is one more reason to come to Malaga for those companies who are thinking about to be installed here in a short future, due to they will have access not only to facilities, but also to students talent.