Between last January 13th and 19th Malaga held the third edition of this event, a meeting focus on language tourism organized by the Malaga Spanish Centres (NACEM), whose main goal is to highlight the importance to learn Spanish, taking in to account Malaga as reference destination

Sergio Cuberos Lara, Malaga Chamber of Commerce President; and José María Casero de la Hinojosa, NACEM President inaugurated this edition geared towards language tourism professionals such as teachers, institutional representatives, senior academics and education consultants, among others. For a week there were plenty of training workshop, lectures and round table conferences. All together this resulted in a comprehensive analysis of the position of the Spanish language in the world and of Malaga’s role in this.

Historically, Malaga has been pioneer in language tourism, in 1947 there were the first city in Spain offering Spanish courses for foreigners. Nowadays has 23 centres recognised by Cervantes Institute, 14 of them in Malaga city and 9 among the province. To promote language tourism is one of the priorities of the city, since about 19.000.000 million euro are coming thanks to more than 19.000 foreign students in malaguenian centres.

By countries, Germany brings the 20% of the total. The second country is Italy with a 16% of students, Poland has the third position with a 7%, followed by Denmark, United Kingdom and Holland. The increase of students coming from long haul countries is also important, in this way during 2018 China bring a 45% more than in 2017, South Korea a 30,75% more; Canada a 21,49% more. In terms of age, a 37, 43% has between 15 and 18 years and a 20, 88% between 19 and 24 years. Students spend about 2 weeks in Malaga and they have an average cost of 840 euro. Apart from the teaching method, students value our lifestyle, cultural offer and, of course, the weather.

The fact that Malaga is one of the most important cities in Spain teaching Spanish, is one more reason to take in account for foreign companies. If they decide to invest and be installed in Malaga, they have easy access to Spanish courses for employees and their families.