42 Model teach computer programing, were born in Paris in 2013, the project pioneered by Xavier Niel went so far as the famous Silicon Valley.  Nowadays is present in more than 10 countries, the first city in Spain was Madrid and now is coming to Malaga.

It is a groundbreaking educational model for several reasons: not previous experience or studies needed, it has not cost, teachers, timetables or titles. In order to overcome the program it is necessary to spend about 3 years offering practices in companies each year. Labor insertion rate is 100% ensures Luis Miguel Olivas, Employability and Educational Innovation Director of Telefonica Foundation. The job opportunities will be in different technological areas such as cybersecurity, Big Data, artificial intelligence or Blockchain, among others.

José María Álvarez-Pallete, Telefónica President, highlighted the educational model 42: “Students learn to learn, learn to get by rather, because in addition to programmers they are problem solvers. Not only technical skills are developed, effort, tolerance to frustration, ability to overcome and teamwork are essential”.

42 Malaga

Telefonica Foundation and City Council of Malaga had signed the agreement to start the new academy in Malaga. The location will be in “Tabacalera” a space with 2.400 square meters and capacity to host 600 students. This initiative will help to respond the labor market needs and prepare society for new digital jobs, in a framework where the city of Malaga has become a benchmark innovation city. The academy also follows the absolute commitment of the city to capture technological talent and bet on technological education in all educational stages.

From the point of view of foreign investors, Malaga is an interesting place to come for many reasons, one of them is our talent, promoting by the alliance between companies and University. In this way, 42 Malaga will reaffirm this though and will facilitate the access to competent professionals.