In a ranking of 100 cities in Spain, Malaga is among the 20 most sustainable cities around the country. Regarding the classification of international cities which combine sustainable development with technology (Smart city) Malaga has the 80 position.

The University of Malaga (UMA) will celebrate courses, inspired by “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of United Nations”, where experts will debate about tools and the future of communities and cities.

Key factors

Environment: Malaga has among the city several smart irrigation systems in charge of the control, conservation and optimization of irrigation. They turn on by themselves depending of the humidity of the zone and the weather situation. Also, Trough a mobile app, the citizens are informed about the less pollution areas in the city.

Smart living lab: Endesa leads the project, it is a real laboratory of experiments that will build the city of the future. Big Data, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies are applied to medium and low voltage networks in order to convert them into smart girds. Through this smart living lab wind and solar streetlights systems become a reality.

Mobility: Apart from our rechargeable points for private electrical vehicles around the city, we have a great smart public transport. In 2017 Malaga was the first city in Spain with electric public transport bus. Due to this fleet of 11 buses we save up almost 200.000 liters of petrol. The company of buses EMT, offers an app with information about electrical motorbikes, taxi, subway and rental bikes.

Even if these 3 areas are the most important to build a smart city, Malaga has projects to build a complete smart city. We are working on other sectors as tourism, culture or sound pollution. In this way, exists a big possibility of business in the city. Startups, entrepreneurs and investors are more than welcome to receive more information about projects that, in addition to providing an economic benefit to companies, will make of Malaga a 100% smart city.

International events celebrated in the city as Greencities, meet thousands of professionals, helping to facilitate networking and make business, also, offer the opportunity to sharing experiences