Thanks to the event organized by the Investor Office of City Hall of Malaga and the Confederation of Business of Malaga, many agents involved in the attraction of investments had shared experiences and success cases. The auditorium was full, between the attendees we found public administration, investors, entrepreneurs, banks, consuls and real estate agents, among others.

malaga success experience attracting investments networking

The day was divided in three phases, the first one was a little presentation and welcome by Natalia Sanchez Romero, from the malaguenian confederation, and Rosa Sánchez, Tourism, promotion and investor attraction city council. Both are agreeing in their thoughts lines: It is necessary to promote investments in order to obtain city development, also they explain how public administration and private companies have to work together to facilitate a great business venture and economic growth.

malaga success experience attracting investments presentation

The second part of the meeting called “Institutional tools for investments”, this served to place Spain and Andalusia in international investments. Experts in investments attractions share data such as Spain had an inward foreign direct investment of 55 billion euro in 2018. Andalusia is the third autonomous community receiving more investments, which 40% is thanks to Malaga. Apart from numeric data all specialist pointed out that investors need to feel that all collaborating entities are working on the same direction keeping in touch between everyone.

malaga success experience attracting investments ponentesmalaga success experience attracting investments aforo

The third part of the event comprised a round table with managers of foreign investment from Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia and Málaga. In this part Malaga highlighted its experience attracting foreign investors, due to is working on since 2015, however other cities are pretty news in this task. Public administration representatives from other cities explain how they work, and their interest to copy our model where public administration and private companies are working together. Also, all of them were agree in try to facilitate all bureaucratic process for investors.

 malaga success experience attracting investments round tablemalaga success experience attracting investments round table 2

As a final part of the day it was time to draw conclusions. Coordination and fluent communication between the different public administration, is one of the most desirable topics on the ranking of things to improve. All of previous speakers had already pointed this out.

Most of speakers consider that proximity of public administration and local market to investors is a must to facilitate the business development as well as the desire of specialize different investments areas.