It was 10 years ago when Malaga, in collaboration with Endesa, started to build the city of the future. The project was called Malaga Smart Living Lab: it consists in an outdoor laboratory of research and development, an innovation ecosystem where all intelligent networks live together in a real environment.  The main goal is to get a complete analysis and draw conclusions to achieve the present and future challenges to build a real smart city.

These innovations have allowed a saving of more than 30% in electricity consumption and about a decreasing of 25% in CO2 emissions, making Malaga one of the most sustainable cities around world.

Some ongoing projects:

  • Paloma (Prototype for Alternative Operation of Mobility Assets): Trough an underground power load system, buses are able to charge their batteries. With this initiative buses have a double autonomy. Malaga has been the first city in Spain using this method.
  • Pastora (Preventive Analysis of Smart Grids with Real Time Operation and Renewable Assets Integration): Artificial intelligence is applied among the electrical net of the city in order to prevent and resolve incidences.
  • Monica (Monitoring system of medium and low voltage distribution networks): thanks to the information get from smart meters and sensor networks, it is possible to check in real time the situation of medium and low voltage network.

Supported by Malaga city hall town in collaboration with many entities and private companies, the Smart City Living Lab has become an international reference project. Since it was born in 2009, more than 70 companies had been interested in and more than 30 researching centers and Universities from around world. As a demonstration of this international projection as an outdoor smart living lab, in 2017 our malaguenian project received a certification from ENoll (European Network of Living Labs).

As a member of ENoll, Malaga is promoting knowledge exchange with other living labs, public administration from many countries and professionals from world, that is mean a window of opportunities attracting foreign investors.