Malaga is working to be a blockchain hub in Europe. Blockchain is a technology that had a lot of hype in the last years and now is having a consolidation phase. Blockchain can provide transparency and confidence as all the time-stamped record of data stored cannot be modified or removed. Data is stored by a cluster of computers called nodes. All members of the blockchain can access the data. As an example, use in supply chain is a classic example of blockchain case of use. All parties in the process has access to all info and payment process can be triggered based in the info.

Most people identify blockchain with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Cryptocurrencies still has a great weight in blockchain but around the technology a lot of new case of use has been developed. Right now the technology is used by finance and insurance companies, supply chain and pharma to provide solutions for needs in their sectors. 

Why Malaga for Blockchain?

Malaga is working to become a blockchain hub in Europe. Malaga has access to great talented professionals and Malaga University, the Andalusian Technological Park (PTA) and Malaga blockchain cluster are promoting education of new blockchain professionals. Last week just ended the first course of blockchain experts where new blockchain developers were trained to be able to work in the different tech companies that are demanding those skills. Malaga blockchain cluster estimate that more than 100 blockchain positions need to be covered in Malaga.

Several companies based in Málaga are investing in blockchain technology, as an example Accenture has one of their blockchain development hubs based in Malaga, to provide support to european projects. Not only consolidated companies are moving forward in the the blockchain technology as there some innovative startups that already working with blockchain technology.

Also Malaga has the objective to be one true smart city and blockchain is a great complementary technology to work with IoT technology that is being tested and used in the city. Blockchain can store and assure data is correct and has not been modified.

This year several blockchain events will take place in Malaga to highlight the effort to promote blockchain sector. First one will be the APTE International Conference with focus this year in BlockChain. This congress will take place next may 16th.

blockchain congreso malaga

On November, FYCMA will host the World Blockchain Congress, this congress is the biggest event around blockchain technology and will attract a few hundreds of blockchain professionals from all around the world.