The IV Barometer about Climate and Prospects of British Investment in Spain, made by International Financial Analyst (Afi) for the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, was shared a few days ago. The appointment met 50 British and Anglo-Saxon investors.

In order to attract British investors to Malaga, and stretch the links with the British Chamber, the location chosen was the Andalusia Technology Park (PTA). In this way, there were opportunity to show the facilities that the park offers for possible new investors and companies thinking to be installed in the city.

The data of the study shows that even though the Brexit, the British investment in Andalusia grow up every year. In 2018 the British investment in Andalusia edged 117euro million creating 13.000 new employments. In Spain we got the fourth position, very near of Valencia with (121 euro million). Now Andalusia will fight to get the third position next year. On the top of the ranking we find Madrid in first position follow by Catalonia.

Regarding the investments by sectors activities, the agri-food and the real state are the preferred areas of investment in Andalusia, follow by areas as retail, construction and agriculture.

Fernando Ferrero, Strategic Investment Director of the Innovation and Development Agency of Andalusia (IDEA), assured that “The British market is the principal foreign one of tourist in Andalusia with almost 3 million of tourist per year and is the principal investor country in Andalusia”. They remark that IDEA offers to investors advice and support, as well as technological services and complementary financing, between others.

During the Forum they talked about the particularities of Malaga. Experts talked about great opportunities of investments that the city of Malaga offers. They see Malaga as the perfect city to invest in Andalusia due to good weather, quality of life and the good connections that the airport offers, connecting Malaga with more than 15 airports along the United Kingdom. That is why during last years the PTA is attracting more and more foreign companies, more of them of British capital. Apart from that, through the investor office, Malaga offers support for establish new companies and their employees.