We start 2020 a few weeks ago and it is time to makes numbers, draw last year conclusions and, of course, to create expectations and goals for this recently start 2020. The Andalusia Technological Park (PTA) has many reasons to be happy and proud of the work made along 2019.

It has been a year where for the first time in history the 200.000 workers barrier was overcame. A 34% of total PTA employment belongs to foreign companies with 6.700 employees. Regarding invoicing data, the park billed more than 2.000 euro million.

What is coming for 2020?

Due to the growing demand of offices spaces during last months, or even years, five new buildings will be developed creating between 2.500 and 3.000 new employments. Four of those buildings, will be located in the north zone of the park, it is an area with 15.000 square meters designated to expand the Technopolis. The fifth one will be installed in Teatinos Campus, a space of 7.500 square meters, keeping the idea to consolidate and facilitate the relationship between the University and the technological park.

By other hand, the works to reform the Science and Technology Center are already underway. The project will convert this space in an accelerator and incubator of startups working on technological and digital areas. This new center will be also managed by the PTA and will host a hundred of entrepreneurs distributed in coworking spaces.

Apart from that, the PTA is joining a new private blockchain network launched by the Spanish Association of Science and Technological Parks. This network is called ‘BLOCKPCT’. For three months companies will be able to test the network.

Even if the new initiatives require an investment about 30 euro million, Felipe Romera, PTA General Director, expects an annual net profit of 241.000 euro during 2020.