The British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, with the collaboration of The London School of Economics, has organized this seminar in order to analyze the British education in Spain. The event will take place at the Municipal Heritage Museum in Malaga next 3rd October.

During the full day they have designated a program will include presentations from well-known speakers, followed by a stimulating table discussing a range of topical subjects as the history of British education in Spain, the purpose to maintain high standards of British education or how to prepare students for university and professional world. To finish the seminar there will be a networking cocktail lunch.

The British Chamber in Spain was created in 1908 in Barcelona with the goal to promote business and investments between British and Spanish companies. Nowadays is present in three cities in Spain, Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga, has more than 270 memberships and celebrates 50 events per year.

The British education system is valued in Europe for many reasons, one of them is how its methodology encourage the responsibility, creativity and critical spirit setting individual goals for each student. Another thing very appreciated is the continuous teacher’s trainings year by year.

In Malaga exits several British schools, that is important for foreign investors who come to Malaga with children, they can follow the same education as in the United Kingdom. Investors and entrepreneurs have the possibility to keep the same education for his family enjoying the advantages offered by the city for international investors. We must remember that Brexit uncertainty does not stop the British investment in Malaga.