Due to a lack of Fintech conferences for developers, the company Ebury has organized the first international specialized event in Spain. The company, with technological headquarters in Malaga, is a fintech enterprise specialist in international payments and exchange with more than 40.000 clients.

The event will be held at Ilunion Hotel, located in the city center of Malaga. During the full day more than 200 developers QA (Quality assurance) and SRE (Site Reliability Engineering), will share their experiences and knowledge about the financial sector.

The main objective of the celebration is to bring together people working in B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing products focused on international and local payments, digital currencies, online banking and financial services, among others. Many prestigious speakers are announced, big banks like BBVA or Santander, or neo banks as N26 or Swift will be there. You can consult a detailed list here.

Some topics of discussion will be distributed systems, cloud computing, security and API development for financial systems. There will be also talks and interviews in order to show successful experiences about how technologies such as Kubernetes, Blockchain, Salesforce, Python and a long etc. are used in many cases of financial services activities.

With aim to facilitate the possibility to make business and networking, an area has been designated to create smaller discussions groups and sharing sessions, a great opportunity to do hands on workshops.

The Venue

Malaga is known, since many years ago, for its beaches and good weather, that is why the region is called “Costa del Sol”. Nowadays, apart from this, Malaga is also popular as an attractive city to investors and entrepreneurs, with a great economic activity where business opportunities are open. The city is also known as one of the most interesting cities in Spain for companies and professionals in the tech industry.

Malaga with a multicultural population has several access points. The airport offers more than a hundred destinations around the world, the seaport connects with more than 100 international ports. Also, the city is accessible by high-speed train line or direct highway links from other major Spanish cities.