If a company decides to expand his business in a new city, in order to choose the best place, several points should be considered: infrastructure, transport connections, receptiveness, weather, local facilities, local talent and a long etc.

The good weather of Malaga is known around world; however, this is not enough to attract foreign companies to be installed and invest in the city, that is why since many years ago the city has developed many projects to make easier the process of installation of new companies. One of this initiative is the synergy created between the University of Malaga and the Andalusia Technology Park, thanks to this close connection companies and students have opportunity to develop their professional careers.

Since last April, the University promotes this alliance trough “Talent Tank”, a novel platform where companies and students can be connected. From one hand students and graduates have opportunity to look for a job in accordance with their capabilities and interest. From other hand, companies can find the most suitable candidate between all university talent.

Alliance success cases

PwC, multinational big data company, has been installed in the University, a new project with 22 professionals between employees, researchers and students.  All together will be able to develop and design consulting products and services.

The malaguenian blockchain hub starts to be a world reference, in this way, the University prepare the second edition of his expert course in this technology. Companies working on this area will have access to qualified professionals.

Vanessa Declós, BaseBone Brand Manager: “I recommend for technological companies looking for ID talents in the malaguenian community to be located in the PTA, because we look to be close to the talent of the future and to add value to our companies”.

Sofia Schneider, Oracle Senior Sales Manager: “Malaga is an amazing place to integrate international people, not only because of the weather, definitively also because many resources Malaga has as a city. The collaboration between Oracle and the University is strong, we use the open innovation center called Green Ray, we hold important meetings there, we go for trainings”.

Svetlana Yefimova, Ciklum Director: “When you start in a new country is very important to get connected to local networks, environment and receives qualified help and assistance and consultancy in all matters. We can receive qualified resources from hundreds of students specialized in different tech areas “.

Justo Ruiz-Ferrer, ITRS CTO: “All relationship with the University is one the most important reasons why we moved to Malaga, the level of welcome and support that we have been received were great”.