The construction sector in Malaga was the most harmed by the economic crisis in Spain. Between 2008 and 2012 about 60.000 employments were destroyed in Malaga province. From 2013 until 2015 the sector was stagnating, therefore, to find a job in construction were very difficult or even impossible.

From 2016 to today the construction sector  has registered an important increase of occupation of more than 30%. More than 10.000 new employments have been created during last year in Malaga province as noted by the Active Population Survey (EPA). In Andalusia, Malaga is the province with more employees in this sector with 8.1% of the total workers.

These data break with the negative trend of the last years, it is due to several reasons: the global recovery economic crisis, and specific in Malaga, we can talk about an important development to dynamize the housing sector with several new residential buildings. The sector has been immersed for three years in the construction of new homes because the housing stock inherited from the crisis is almost already sold.

This industry has an important recovery position in all kind of projects; also, social housing (VPO) are increasing, we expect more than 100 new social homes in the city in the near future. Even if during the pre-crisis boom the data were higher, specialist believe that this moderate growth helps to consolidate the sector and provide as much stability.

The real estate today has a consolidate position in the city, is an attractive market not only for malaguenians or Spanish investors and citizens, foreign investors are more and more interested to invest in this sector in the city. An example was the successful presence of Malaga pavilion during the international MIPIM fair, celebrated last March. Another sector capable to create new more employments in construction is the creation of new business offices buildings in Malaga, as well attractive for international investors.