Hyperloop transport system

Hyperloop is a kind of transport based on high speed. Trough a levitating tube or tubes, people or freight can be travel up to 1.200 km per hour. The energy comes from solar rechargeable batteries, so we are talking about the only one transport system with 0 pollution.

The European Commission has required many times some criteria in order to standardize and normalize the system in Europe. The Spanish cluster Railway Innovation Hub (RIH),  based in Malaga, with the Spanish company Zeleros Hyperloop have initiated to work in these common criteria of the European Hyperloop transport system. Apart from that, they assure that when the standardization finish, they will continue working together in all aspects concerning the Hyperloop system.

The agreement was announced in the Technological Railway Center of Malaga, the space is in the Andalusian Technological Park (PTA), has different laboratories and coworking places; also, has received several railway awards, confirming the railway Spanish system as a reference of world technological frontier.

Even if the Spanish startup Zeleros with the RIH have token the lead, they have created a group work with international companies, and they have been met with American companies as Virgin Hyperloop One or Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. They are looking for more interested companies. All together will create, before November, a document for the European Commission that will provide a guide and a reference in the normalization and standardization required.

Advantages for the city of Malaga

We are very proud to have the perfect place to develop this project, we expect many visits to our Technological Railway Center located in the PTA. Trough this business meetings and visits could open a huge window of opportunities of developing along the city. We hope that investors, engineers, entrepreneurs, etc. see in Malaga the possibility to create this projects and new ones. They will know our culture, infrastructures, future projects, international environment, and all possibilities that Malaga offers.